montreal plumber - sump pumpWater infiltration in your basement is a very common problem. Water or moisture in a basement may originate from many possible sources – infiltration, cracked drain pipe, sewer back up, condensation, etc. The simplest solution appears to be to install a sump pump. However, not many people know that installation of sump pump is not a permanent solution to a problem but rather a temporary relief, or emergency situation back-up plan.

The water should not be in the basement in the first place but if already there, it could be very expensive to find a permanent solution. That is why everybody with a water problem in the basement will need to have a sump pump installed.

The installation of the sump pump appears to be a very simple task. Yet, there are many restrictions to be taken into consideration. There are also many local codes and by-laws that make the installation of the sump pump a job that needs to be done by a licensed plumber. Call us now for more information or to schedule an on-site visit and consultation.

Many houses have a sump pump and a pit already in place. Proper maintenance and inspection of them is essential for the well-being of the house. Call us now to have your sump pump inspected and your sump pump pit cleaned for a nominal fee.